Coverage Highlights

Coverage Highlights

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance:

What is an error?

  • An error is a mistake

What is an omission?

  • An omission is the failure to do something

E&O and CGL – Together is Better

An E&O and CGL policy go hand-in-hand to provide the critical coverages that a business needs. While they are both liability policies—they each provide coverage for different exposures.

  • The advantages of placing E&O and CGL together are as follows:

    • The best way to avoid coverage disputes or coverage gaps.

    • Both policy wordings have definitions, terms and conditions that are in sync and complement each other.

    • Ensures consistency in coverage for elements such as named entities, policy period, territory and other considerations that might be in conflict between carriers.

    • If a Claim occurs that triggers both policies the claim will be managed by one carrier allowing for streamlined handling.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Provides protection for companies and individual professionals against claims based on allegations of errors, omissions or negligent acts is a specialized coverage that is tailored to cover the potential risks and exposures related to the practice of consultants, which includes trainers. This coverage can contribute for legal and investigation expenses, as well as the cost of settlements and judgments, up to the limits of liability.

  • Protects your assets

  • Good risk management practices include the purchase of E&O insurance and need to be implemented by all consultants.

  • Protects your reputation

  • Clients’ expectations of Consultants has increased and the client-consultant relationship has changed accordingly.

  • A claim, whether substantiated or not, can be devastating to your reputation.

  • Provides peace of mind

  • No consultant is immune to making a mistake. Maintaining adequate E&O insurance will provide you with the peace of mind that you and your assets are protected. In addition, the support and guidance you will receive from our experienced claims team will enable you to focus on your business, and better manage the stress that litigation can entail.

Commercial General Liability (CGL):

This coverage protects you and your business from a loss if you are found to be liable for bodily injuries, personal injuries or property damage to a third party that are caused by your business’ operations. All businesses are at risk of some common forms of liability and need a standard CGL policy to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.